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Michael John Pantelides, Pro-local business, Environmental Activist, and Civic Involvement Leader announces his candidacy for Mayor of Annapolis. With three generations of his name sake in Annapolis, Maryland, Pantelides has consistently dedicated his knowledge, experience and time to the needs of the communities’ education systems, environmental demands, civic involvement and community safety. Mike’s grandparents arrived in Annapolis from Greece and Cyprus in the 1940’s and opened The Royal Restaurant in the heart of the city’s historic district. For generations, the Pantelides family has thrived as leaders in business and community because of one common denominator – their love of this great city.

Like his grandparents, Mike desires to bring to this city fresh and dynamic ideas without taking away from the innate historic charm or the traditional ideals that people have been attracted to for decades. Pantelides possesses ambition, drive and the dedication required to implement positive changes to the city and will carry out his projects to completion through his persistent work ethic. Mike demonstrates his passion for both the city and the community through his deep involvement in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Mike participates in several environmental organizations and volunteers in city-wide outreach programs.

Mike Pantelides graduated from West Virginia University and is currently taking education courses in Ecosystem Restoration and Ecological Principles and Environmental Assessment. Since graduation, Mike has moved back to the city where he was born and raised with the intention of using the knowledge he gained to improve Annapolis.

Pantelides has combined lessons and skills learned through his time as an Eagle Scout with his willingness to help others in his current volunteer efforts within the Annapolis Community with the Jaycees and Habitat for Humanity. Mike Pantelides sits on the Board of Directors for the 21st Century Education Foundation, an organization that works towards matching the needs of the schools within Anne Arundel County with their surrounding resources. As a current and active member of both the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Sierra Club, Mike strives to promote funding and advocate for the environmental needs of the City of Annapolis.

Mike Pantelides currently works as a Government Relations professional at Vocus, where he aids clients in monitoring legislation, managing Political Action Committees (PACs), and maintaining a professional online advocacy website while analyzing their lobbying efforts and legislative success.

Pantelides’ passion for improving the City of Annapolis is demonstrated in his role as President of his Community Association. Citizen safety is crucial, and as Captain of the Neighborhood Watch, Mike keeps his members informed of crime statistics in the area and provides safety tips to encourage awareness and security.

“Throughout my time growing up in Annapolis, I’ve always loved my town and have devoted so much of my time to improving our great city. Becoming Mayor is a leadership role that will allow me to share my vision with the community and to help improve the lives of fellow Annapolitans,” says Pantelides. “My platform for a better Annapolis will be guided by the lights of fiscal responsibility, environmental security, responsible growth, and above all, putting our citizens first.” Pantelides pledges to listen to the voices of the citizens of Annapolis to make a change for the better that they will see in the next four years.

Whether you just moved to this beautiful town or have been a lifelong Annapolitan, it is obvious that real change in Annapolis is necessary. Michael Pantelides would appreciate your consideration of his candidacy. Mike may be reached at



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