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Fellow Annapolitans,

I am running for Mayor to restore and improve our great city. We are facing challenges that could bankrupt Annapolis if we do not make a change in leadership .

Together we can sweep this city clean of the current policies of more taxes, higher fees and irresponsible spending.

Our families, and especially seniors, are being taxed to the point where their quality of life is suffering.

Embarrassments such as the Market House, borrowing money to meet payroll and mismanagement is what Annapolitans have received.

The Mayor’s support of the massive Crystal Springs development will result in more time sitting in traffic and the loss of valuable forests and wetlands.

As a third generation Annapolitan, I love this city and have seen us go in the wrong direction for the last 4 years. If you have had enough and want a new common sense direction then please join me now.


Mike Pantelides

  • President of Germantown – Homewood Civic Association
  • Government Relations Executive consulting with Fortune 1,000 companies
  • Board Member 21St Century Education Foundation Member
  • Annapolis Jaycees Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Sierra Club
  • Eagle Scout and Leader
  • BA West Virginia University

As Mayor, I will:

  • Live within our means
    • No new taxes
    • Immediate freeze on hiring until a full review of each department is conducted
    • Fiscal Restraint
  • Get Our Money’s Worth
    • Remove wasteful spending from budget
    • Improve delivery of services
    • Focus spending on top priorities
  • Make Annapolis business friendly
    • Help existing businesses to prosper and expand
    • Attract new high tech and green businesses to Annapolis
    • Cut the red tape
    • Guarantee specific time frames for review and issuance of permits



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