Public Safety

At my inauguration in 2013, I made a pledge to focus on solutions to drug abuse and crime. Since then, we have been working tirelessly with our public safety officials, residents and outside agencies to better our community.


We have listened to the needs of our residents and over the past three years have made sure public safety is adequately funded and the programs are in place to ensure success.


We have made a promise to find solutions to the heroin epidemic and related drug abuse in Annapolis. The city is working with Governor Larry Hogan and County Executive Steve Schuh to make this one of the top priorities for our law enforcement teams.


Meanwhile…. members of the Annapolis Police Department and I remain active on the County Executive’s Task Force and are committed to keeping our children and citizens safe from these dangerous drugs and the terrible consequences that affect all families…our goal is to get criminals out of our neighborhoods and out of our city!


I am also working with our State’s Attorney, Wes Adams, to better coordinate the officer’s presence in the courtroom, so we can keep our officers on the street, patrolling and protecting our citizens.


Most recently, we made a change at the Annapolis Police Department because while we saw criminal arrests, we also must improve crime prevention.  We received 72 applications for the new Chief of Police and formed a Blue Ribbon Panel to interview 10 candidates. They will recommend finalists to the City Manager and I. 


During my time in office we also have:

  • Secured the most money ever granted from the state for our Safe Streets Program, with the funds going directly to our neighborhood policing effort.

  • Requested the transfer of $125,000 to go directly to additional security cameras around HACA properties.

  • Requested and City Council recently approved a transfer of $1.25 million for additional police officers and additional security cameras around the city this year.

  • Oversaw the APD as they seized a record number of handguns.

  • Implemented a police body-worn camera pilot program and just recently selected Taser as the provider firm, with delivery in early May.


Over the last four years we've made a lot of progress in Annapolis. Can you help us make it another four years of success?

Mike Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor