Mayor Pantelides Releases FY18 Budget



I have submitted a $107.5 million Operating Budget to City Council. The proposed budget is the result of three years of hard work, financial accountability, and using public input to determine services most in demand. 

Along with hiring ten new police officers, I've proposed that the FY18 budget will reduce the solid waste fee another 22% for a grand total of 46.3% over four years. In dollars and cents, this means the average solid waste bill will have been reduced over the course of four years, from $380 to $204, per household per year.

Residents will also benefit from additional money earmarked for sidewalk repair through a one-time use of FY16 surplus funds, along with $1 million for stormwater and stream restoration projects.
There is a 1% COLA for all employees, subject to collective bargaining, effective January 1, 2018, along with a provision for health and pension benefits. The budget also proposes a 1/2 cent tax rate cut.

My proposed budget is fair and allows the city to move into the future without losing our historic appeal as we continue to build on our successes.

Some of the projects we will accomplish this year are included in my $9.9 million General Fund Capital Budget:
· $2 million for reconstruction of Main Street including re-bricking
· $3.1 million to build a new pool using the proceeds from the Eisenhower Golf Course sale
· $2 million for road resurfacing projects
· $600,000 for rehabbing the Truxtun Park tennis courts

I am proud to say that we have made great strides during the past three years to ensure we remain financially strong, economically resilient, and environmentally sustainable while making sure that we address the needs of all Annapolitans.#Annapolis

Mike Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor