Mayor Pantelides Hosts Flood Prevention Systems

On May 10, under the direction of Mayor Pantelides Administration, two companies came to Annapolis to present to the community their systems for flood prevention.

The purpose of the showcase was to show to the community a couple of options of systems that can be purchased and installed for major flood prevention.  This is another example of Mayor Pantelides administration's steadfast dedication to flood prevention.  This coupled with Pantelides proposed historic $1 million in Stormwater restoration projects is a major step towards preventative flood measures.  

In 2003 Hurricane Isabel caused, according to FEMA estimations, $116 million in damage to the city.  While the immediate costs to the city seem high, having these systems would be a wise and cost-effective investment against rising tides and threats of devastating storms.  

You can hear more about the demonstration by clicking the link here.  

Mike Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor