League of Conservation Voters of Anne Arundel County Endorse Mayor Mike Pantelides for re-election

I am incredibly honored to receive this endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters of Anne Arundel County.  I admire their steadfast dedication to supporting environmentally friendly candidates and thank the AACLOCV for their faith and support in working with vocal leaders of environmental protection and conservancy. 

My administration has been dedicated to fighting for and protecting the environment in and around the city. It is and has been a priority of mine to work with the local and regional environmental groups to form innovative and cost effective ways to make Annapolis a green leader in not just Maryland but nationwide.

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Contact: Bob Gallagher, Co-chair

410.263.2417 or 202.316.5021

Maryland League of Conservation Voters

Anne Arundel Chapter Steering Committee



For Immediate Release                                                                                               July 20, 2017



Maryland League of Conservation Voters Endorses Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor 


(Annapolis, MD) The Anne Arundel Chapter of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) has announced that, after interviewing all candidates and carefully evaluating their records and positions on environmental issues, they are endorsing incumbent Mayor Mike Pantelides in the 2017 City of Annapolis mayoral election.


“Annapolis is fortunate to have some very strong candidates for Mayor this year,” said Marcia Verploegen Lewis, who headed the committee that conducted the endorsement process. “But after talking with all the candidates, looking at their experience and their commitment to protecting our air, land, and water, it became clear that Mayor Pantelides deserves our environmental endorsement. The mayor’s track record on fighting harmful development, protecting forest lands and addressing climate change makes him a solid choice for conservation voters.”


This is the first time that Maryland LCV has endorsed a candidate for Mayor in City of Annapolis elections; it announced its choices for Annapolis City Council last month. The Maryland LCV Anne Arundel Chapter has endorsed candidates and been active in county elections since it was established in 2010.


“The Mayor has tremendous power when it comes to preparing Annapolis for the impacts of climate change, ensuring clean water for our residents and protecting our lands from harmful development,” said Bob Gallagher, who co-chairs the Maryland LCV Anne Arundel County Chapter Steering Committee. “Mayor Pantelides has demonstrated he is committed to protecting the environment in our City.”


The Mayoral endorsement decision was made based on responses to a questionnaire sent to every candidate who filed or publicly announced their candidacy by early June, personal interviews and discussions with leaders in the environmental community.


The Chapter cited several Pantelides Administration environmental accomplishments that factored into the endorsement, including:

  • Holding off the destructive Crystal Spring development project along Forest Drive
  • Supporting the Forest Conservation Act and the No-Net-Loss amendment
  • Strengthening the adequate public facilities ordinance
  • Making a key open space acquisition that was slated for development near Quiet Waters Park
  • Leading the effort to create the Annapolis solar energy park on a closed, city-owned landfill; and  
  • Supporting a council resolution that Annapolis adhere to the goals of the Paris climate accords.

While the Chapter was concerned about Mayor Pantilides’ vote against a recent increase in the polluted stormwater runoff fee passed by City Council, he has since committed to funding additional stormwater mitigation through the capital budget and by leveraging state and federal grants. The Mayor also says he will encourage developers to increase their stormwater treatment beyond what is currently required by state code.

The primary election for both the council and mayoral contests will be held on Tuesday, September 19 with the general election to follow on Tuesday, November 7.  In addition to endorsing Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor, the Chapter has endorsed Kurt Riegel (Ward 2), Marc Rodriguez (Ward 5), Shaneka Henson (Ward 6), Rob Savidge (Ward 7) and Ross Arnett (Ward 8) for Annapolis City Council. 


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For almost 40 years, the non-partisan Maryland League of Conservation Voters has served as the political voice of the environment.  We advocate for sound conservation policies, promote environmentally responsible candidates, and hold individual elected officials accountable through our scorecards and reports. 

Mike Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor