Environmental Stewardship

I understand the need for environmental guidance and the importance of making environmental sustainability a focus for future generations:

  • Passed a Forest Conservation Ordinance supported by local environmentalists
  • Implemented Annapolis’ first conservation easement since 2003, adding the 2.5 acre conservation easement on the Bay Village Assisted Living property
  • Created a Watershed Improvement Plan to meet federal requirements
  • Started numerous stream restoration projects, working with the South River Federation, the Spa Creek Conservancy, the Chesapeake Conservancy, and the Department of Natural resources
  • Proposed a record investment of $1 million in storm water restoration projects for the FY18 budget
  • Started construction on Annapolis Renewable Energy Park after the County and Board of Education voted unanimously to purchase power from the city.

Our Energy Park

  • The energy park is environmentally, financially and economically rewarding and will:
    • Bring jobs to the area while supporting local businesses - We anticipate the Annapolis Renewable Energy Park will generate more than $5 million in revenue to the city over the course of the 20-year lease term
    • This project, when completed, will be the largest solar project identified by the Environmental Protection Agency exclusively installed on a closed landfill in the United States.  

This will become the new standard for others to follow.  Anne Arundel County, Anne Arundel County Schools, and the City of Annapolis will advance compliance with State renewable energy goals for local governments.


Over the last four years we've made a lot of progress in Annapolis. Can you help us make it another four years of success?

Mike Pantelides for Annapolis Mayor